Tuna Ramen Without Soup in Yokohama

Mazesoba in Hinodecho

👩🏻 💭

Price: $

Taste: 8/10

First time trying mazesoba! I’ve wanted to try it for a while, but for some reason I never got around to it. Saw a picture of it when 👦🏻 came here, and I couldn’t resist… It looks so good!

I got the one with spicy miso (the red ball on top), which was about 860 yen. The white ball is a mayo tuna ball. They ask you if you want the normal or large size when you hand them your ticket; of course I’d go for the large if it’s the same price 😋 Mix it all up and 🍽️ Ready to eat! 👦🏻ordered a bowl of rice to mix with the sauce at the end, too.

I was pretty satisfied after my meal – definitely worth a visit!

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