The Best Abura Soba in Kinshicho

Abura Soba in Kinshicho



Price: $

Taste: 10/10

First noodle meal together since 👦🏻 got back! We were actually going to get gyoza but the line was so long… (it’s this place called kameido gyoza if anyone’s interested). 👦🏻 noticed this shop right next to the gyoza place, and he said hes been before and really likes it, so we ended up going for this instead.

First – the portions were pretty big. I got a medium size, which wasn’t hard to get down but it sat like a brick in my stomach all day. The taste in itself was good but I wouldn’t say it’s among the best I’ve had.

The white stuff on top (I think it’s a fat mixture made with chicken bones and pork?) was a bit cold so it was kinda off-putting… 👦🏻 went to the Shibuya branch and said that one was overall better… But I liked the texture of the noodles, and it was really good with extra garlic. 👦🏻got the spicy version. I think it added a lot to it and was better than the nonspicy. He also got some tamago-kake gohan on the side cuz he was craving rice 😶

I liked how the water here was cold barley tea instead! Perfect for the summer 👌

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