Red Sea Bream Broth Ramen in Kinshicho

Fish Broth Ramen in Kinshicho

真鯛らーめん 麺魚


Taste: 10/10

Price: $

This ramen is so good! They serve both ramen and tsukemen, and the broth is made with madai 🐟 (red sea bream). You can really taste the seafood in every aspect of the meal, but not in an overwhelming way. The complexity of the fish broth really adds to the whole experience of the meal.

The broth here felt really unique compared to other ramen places I’ve been to so far. Loved the citrusy yuzu touch on top of the pink sheets of chashu, too.
I didn’t actually know this before coming, but it’s a pretty famous place and there’s usually people lining up. Luckily I happened to come on a rainy work night, so I got in without any wait… 👍

I heard they also run a foie gras ramen shop just diagonal of this one (I think I saw the sign, but I got a bit confused).

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