Ramen Tatsuya in Hinodecho, Yokohama

Ramen Tatsuya in Yokohama


Taste: 8/10

Price: $

This shop was recommended to me by my friend when I first moved to Yokohama. The one thing that I love about this shop is the copious amounts of side dishes they offer. They have garlic and a ton of pickled vegetables on the side. There was even one that tasted almost like fried onions. Most ramen shops carry spicy oil, black pepper, and if you’re lucky minced garlic. But this shop went all out on the amenities. I feel like you could just eat a bowl of rice and be content with all of the side dishes they offer.

The ramen they serve is more on the heavier side. It seems like they’re famous for a thick bone broth soup from what I remember. However, I am a huge spicy food lover, so I knew that I had to try their spicy ramen. I knew it wasn’t a specialty of their shop, but I just can’t resist trying different spicy ramen varieties. If you want it really hot, you can pay for extra spice levels.

The flavor was great. The dish itself wasn’t too spicy, but it’s not their specialty so there’s no fault on them. I think that if you’re craving a spicy ramen it might be better to head over to the OG spice masters at Nakamoto’s, but it was still good. It’s nice too because this shop was only a five-minute walk away from my place. If you’re ever by the Hinodecho, Sakuragicho, or Koganecho area, I definitely recommend making a stop here. I went a few times before I left Yokohama and I was never disappointed by the quality of their food.

Also, they make a super good chashu rice bowl. If you have the room for more, you should definitely try to order that too. And the owners were some of the nicest people I’ve seen in Japan. Solid service and atmosphere all around. It’s a great ramen place to check out if you’re in the Yokohama area.

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