Vegan Ramen at Tokyo Station

Ts Tantan's Vegan Ramen in Tokyo

T’s Tantan


Price: $$

Taste: 9/10

Heard about this vegan ramen place so much in the past few years! My friend raved about it to me recently too, and we happened to be in Tokyo Station we decided to stop by.

It’s located inside the station so it’s a little tricky to find – the easiest way is going in from the Yaesu South Exit JR gates, and it should be on the left-hand side.

I was expecting a lot from this place (probably since everyone kept building it up). 👦🏻apparently never had vegan food before or even thought about it (really tho? 🤔). Saying he’s a meat lover is an understatement… But he really liked it! On the other hand, it was a bit so-so for me. The noodle texture might have ruined it – kinda tasted like something you’d find at a cheap pseudo-Asian restaurant back home.

After reading some reviews, we decided on the Gold Sesame Tantan and the Black Sesame Tantan. Both come with a HUGE scoop of peanut butter on top. Gold was on the sweeter side and black had a more nutty, savory taste. I’d say go for the black sesame for a more unique experience!

We also got the gyoza and beef bowl. For what they were, pretty impressive, but overall just OK.

I’m definitely in the minority though since everyone seems to love it. These American dudes who sat next to us told us it was the best vegan place they’ve been to in Tokyo!

If you’re interested in vegan ramen in Japan then this place is definitely worth checking out. The broth was still delicious and it was impressive that they could make this dish using only vegan ingredients.

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