Ushi Taro's Ox Tail Ramen in SF

Ushi Taro’s Ox-Tail Ramen

A San Francisco ramen shop that appreciates good quality meat.

Featured Noodles

A bowl of tan tan men from Aka Kujira in Akasaka, Tokyo. The broth is fiery red hot with a topping of onions, a piece of bok choy, some minced meat, and a tiny red chili pepper on top. This bowl is level 5 spicy.

Spicy Noodles at Akai Kujira

If you like the heat, then you’ll love the flavor at this shop in Akasaka.

Ramen Tatsuya in Yokohama

Love toppings? Want a nice family-style meal? In Yokohama? You need to stop by here.

Good Vibes at Sanshou Koufuku

5 Non-Japanese Options for Noodle Lovers in Tokyo.

In Japan, but not feeling Japanese? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

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